stage: Private Sale has been started October 1st, 2018

German join-stock company JA EXPERTS AG is an exclusive contractor of UFO-HOUSE Hotels and UHC token developer

Its time for Blockchain Revolution!
come to Earth — Join UFO Hotel Investment
Decentralization as philosophy of UFO Hotels.
Blockchain hotels booking protocol
Land anywhere off the grid!
Autonomous Power System
Independent Water System
Unique UFO-Hotel – The World’s First Self-Sustainable Eco Hotel
  • High-tech Eco-hotel Fully autonomous and environmentally-friendly
  • Modern design and architecture Unique futuristic form and construction. Biotechnology and human engineering are employed in the design and arrangement of interior living spaces.
  • Exceptional comfort level Everyday processes are fully automated: the climate in a UFO “Smart House” can be controlled by smartphone
  • Security The unique UFO-House design withstands hurricanes, tsunami, earthquakes, and other natural disasters
  • Recreation complexes on scenic islands Four seasons locations for a Red Season all year-round
It is possible by means of blockchain technology
The UFO Hotel is the first hotel in the world based on blockchain ownership, verification and booking system – An opportunity to experience the blockchain revolution in real life.

JA EXPERTS AG is planning to launch four smaller UFO-Hotels in beautiful and peaceful islands like Antigua (Antigua and Barbuda), Tenerife (Spain), Mahe (Seychelles), Big Island (Hawaii, USA).

The goal is to build one hotel complex on each island. Each property will contain at least three UFO-Houses, with six rooms in each, for a total of 18 rooms. The UFO-Hotel operates like other hotels having maid service and room checks.

All locations are very picturesque and safe islands, with good aerial connections from Europe, America, Asia and have excellent tourism infrastructure! Even better, tourist season at these locations is all the year round!

The Success of UFO-Hotels is assured by:
  • UFO-Hotels can compete with ECO hotels worldwide
  • The environmentally-friendly nature of UFO-Hotels will attract the attention and support of society.
  • The autonomous nature of UFO-House requires minimal maintenance and dependence on public utilities
  • Management of hotels can be accomplished over the internet
  • In April 2018, the Development Control Authority of Antigua and Barbuda granted approval for a UFO-Hotel project to be constructed in Galley Bay Heights, Antigua island.
UFO coin
The estimated cost of the first Antigua UFO-Hotel is 5 850 000 USD
The first UFO-HOTEL UHC emission — 23 400 000 UHC
Blockchain standartd — Ethereum (ERC20)
Before IEO, price is only 0,25USD
  • One-week vacation at UFO-Hotel will cost 1000 UHC ($250 USD)
  • Booking is based on blockchain protocol on a weekly basis (1,2,3,4 till 52 weeks)
  • Investor's information will be registered in blockchain and title
  • Ethereum smart contract forms vacation ownership
What can you use UHC for?
  • You can book a vacation by yourself at any UFO-Hotel
  • Mini-bar, catering and other small charges at UFO-Hotels
  • Lease your weeks to travel agencies through Amadeus for profit
  • Sell your property for instant profit
What Can You Use UHC for?
Profit x5
Presently, one-week vacations in similar locations are worth at least $1400 (
Profit +50%
Peak periods
During the peak periods: August, New Year’s, and Easter holidays, prices can increase by as much as 50%!
Profit x10
After network launch
Due to the exclusive nature of the UFO-Hotel and the small number of rooms that are available, the price of a weekly rental can command up to $2,500 or more.
Profit x5
Presently, one-week vacations in similar locations are worth at least $1400 (
Profit +50%
Peak periods
During the peak periods: August, New Year’s, and Easter holidays, prices can increase by as much as 50%!
Profit x10
After network launch
Due to the exclusive nature of the UFO-Hotel and the small number of rooms that are available, the price of a weekly rental can command up to $2,500 or more.
Economic Model

Estimate UFO-Hotel Antigua

Costs Distribution
60,5%—UFO-Hotel Development
21%—Land Purchase
9,5%—Soft Costs
7%—FFEE Costs
2%—Pre-Opening Costs
Investor Guarantee
Blockchain technology
Project support by national Authorities
UFO–House innovation autonomous building
Solid Foundation of German and USA corporations JA EXPERTS AG and UFO HOUSE USA, INC
Competitive and experienced team from different countries
Comunications with scientists and universities
Tokens Distribution
80% - Token sale
8% - Partners and angels
6% - Team
5% - Referrals and agents
1% - Bounty program
Why we will make it happen?
German technology development with Michigan Technological University
Building prototype already in-process
There are no similar projects at ICO market
Patented technologies developed by in-house specialists
Already established connections on all islands and identified land parcels for the UFO-hotels сonstruction
May 2017
In the shareholders meeting, JA EXPERTS AG formed a subsidiary company in the USA.
August 2017
The UFO-Hotel concept has been established. The idea and resort design were developed in coordination with experts of subsidiary company in the North American continent-UFO-House USA.
October 2017
Blockchain based UFO-Hotel project was envisioned. Formation of the UFO-Hotel project team was initiated.
December 2017
At the annual meeting of shareholders, JA EXPERTS AG confirmed the desire to launch four small UFO-Hotels in beautiful and peaceful islands . This will identify as the World’s first hotel network fully based on blockchain vacation ownership and smart contracts reservation system!
January and February 2018
The UFO-Hotel team began searching for plots and local partners in 4 islands. Development of Smart-contracts.
April 30th, 2018
the Development Control Authority of Antiqua and Barbuda granted approval for a UFO-Hotel project to be constructed in Galley Bay Heights, Antigua. The site chosen for this project is a prime 2.3-acre (9,300 m2) parcel.
June 2018
Testing smart-contracts and eco-system. Development of booking platform.
October 2018
Private sales began. Hurricane tests in progress for UFO-Hotel construction.
November 2018
First successful release of UHC tokens!
December 2018
Technical audit of smart-contracts. Mistakes were successfully corrected!
January 2019
Realese of updated UHC tokens (UFOHotelCoin)
March, April, May 2019
JA EXPERTS AG participation in international tourism fairs and real estate exhibitions.
August 2019
Public UHC sales will start on EU-regulated Cryptocurrency Exchange
January 2020-2030
Grow the UFO-Hotels network globally up to 120 properties worldwide
Ms. Anna Hammer
CEO Co-Founder
Prof. Eugene Levin
President UFO–HOUSE USA,
Ph.D in Engineering
Founder UFO–House
Mr. Pavlos Mavridis
Vice President JA EXPERTS AG
Dipl.- Engineer
Mr. Matthias Walther
Member of Board
Dipl.-Engineer IT
Ms. Andrea Hammer
Member of Board
Mr. Wolfgang Keil
Executive Director
Combat Engineer
Mr. Andreas Jansen
Mr. Patrick Gajdzik
Leading Architect
Dipl.-Engineer (Architect)
Mr. Martin Menzel
Dipl.-Engineer (Architect)
Mr. Alexander Fischmann
Civil Engineer
Dipl.- Engineer
Dr. David Walness
Engineering Manager
Ph.D in Engineering
Dr. Guy C. Hembroff
Cybersecurity Officer
Ph.D in Computer Sciences
Mr.Guillermo Massaferro
General Designer
Dipl.-Engineer (Architect)
Ms. Corinna Rimmele
Tenerife project Officer
Dipl.-Engineer (Architect)
Ms. Diana del Pilar Carvajal
Civil Engineer Antigua project
Dipl.-Engineer (Architect)
Mr. Mark Dice
PR and Marketing specialist
MS in IA
Ms. Karine Wedemeyer
Hawaii project Officer
MS in Economy
Mr. Emmanuel Faure
Seychelles project Officer
MS in Economy
Mr. Steve Barker
Antigua project Officer (Developer)
Mr. Abraham Medina Sanabria
Tenerife project Architect
Dip.-Engineer ( Architect)
Mr. Sergey Litovchenko
Compliance and Regulatory Officer
MS in Property Law
Mr. Zendo Kern
Hawaii project Officer(Developer)
Dr. Renee Oats
Civil Engineer
Ph.D in Engineering
Mr. Timur Akhmedjanov
Blockchain expert
Mr. Maxim Khalin
Business implementation of blockchain technology
Mr. Anatoliy Ryumkin
Blockchain Developer
Partner of Michigan Technological University
Register number: HRB-213874
Registration Authority Amtsgericht Hannover
VAT number: DE306152746
UST number: 25/208/11026
EORI number: DE554124447574779
Legal address: Abelmannstrasse 4, Hanover, 30519, Germany
Telephone: +49 511 848 996 44
Representative office in USA
ID number: 07502R
EIN number: 82-1567812
Legal address: 2003 Spruce Lane, Houghton MI, 49931, USA
Telephone: +1 323 528-9487
Representative office in Russia
Registration number: 5167746379389
VAT number: 7707375896
Legal address: 1 Kolobovskiy per., 11, 127051, Moscow, Russia
Telephones: +7 495 609 02 94 +7 900 617 88 88
Representative office in UAE
Registration number: JLT-2051
License number: JLT-65983
Legal address: Office 1104, JBC2 Tower, Cluster «V», Jumeirah Lakes Towers, 72013, Dubai, UAE
Telephone: +971 44 54 24 18
Q. May I use my regular credit card to purchase UFO Hotel weeks? I don’t understand/trust cryptocurrencies and prefer not to deal with them.
A. Yes of course! You can buy weeks with your credit or debit card. Secure ownership of the vacation is verified by blockchain technology and the reason to use UHC crypto coins. Only the free cryptocurrency wallet is need for reserving your UHC Weeks
Q. What is your advice for families, with children, who are interested in purchasing UFO hotel vacations?
A. It’s Great Idea, you could spend holidays with your children for one price in other parts of the world! As your children grow, they will have shared weeks with you in different hotels. If you need more space for a family with 2 or more children, you can book adjoining rooms with an internal door.
Q. Can we cook meals in our room or must we use the hotel facilities?
A. All rooms have fully equipped kitchen or you can use the hotel restaurant or in-room catering service.
Q. Are there any activities, items, or materials that are prohibited in UFO Eco Hotels?
A. All materials and equipment used in UFO Hotels is certified in the EU and USA and are safe for all people, birds, and pets. We do expect all vacationers to respect the privacy of others and refrain from having loud parties that affect neighbors. Of course if you invite them there may be more latitude in how long the party goes.
Q. Can I smoke in UFO Hotels?
A. Sorry smokers. Smoking is not permitted in UFO Hotel room, restaurants, or lobbies. However, UFO Hotels complies with the policies and regulations of the countries where UFO Hotels are located and designates special areas for smokers outside the buildings.
Q. What is the maintenance fee for a one-week vacation? How, when, and to whom is it paid?
A. UFO Hotels does not charge a maintenance fee. All UFO-Hotels have innovation technologies that run autonomously, so you don’t need to pay for maintenance. You are only responsible for the registration fee and commission for sailing weeks.
Q. Can I sell or exchange my vacation week(s) at another timeshare portal such as RCI?
A. Not at this time. In the future we expect UFO-Hotels will operate the first blockchain timeshare platform and expect it will take time to integrate it into the RCI interchange.
Q. As an investor, can I deduct UFO property tax from my personal taxes?
A. This will depend on that tax laws in your country. We advise you contact your account or tax consultant to know how investment in UFO Hotels can work for you.